Carin Rhoden
Freelance Web Development | WordPress Specialist
Cincinnati, Ohio Area

Carin is extremely professional and timely in her communication and completion of projects. When problems arise that could jeopardize a project, she highlights these right away and gives great suggestions on how to solve them. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in PHP and WordPress development. We were very satisfied with her handling of our complex membership system integration and look forward to working with her again!

Aron Kerkhof Producer/Personality, Bald Move December 23, 2016

Bradley Bishop

Carin was a great person to work with! We hired her as an outside contractor to convert our current site to a WordPress site. She was very flexible with our changing needs and very responsive. She saw the project through to the end even when it went way past the scheduled end date due to our team not getting her the content she needed. She even made sure to check back several times after the release date to make sure everything was still working as intended. This was a great experience and i look forward to hiring her again when it comes time to do some updates!

Bradley Bishop IT Ops Specialist, Gensuite LLC May 4, 2016

Autumn Crosier

Carin did a phenomenal job in creating and designing the new website! Our team would give broad ideas of what we thought we wanted and Carin really made them come to life with a consistent theme and message throughout the website. She was also very responsive to every single email, call, and Trello message. Regardless of the issue, even when our contract was over and it came time to launch, she took time out of her busy schedule to help us out. If you’re looking for a custom designed website that is mobile-friendly, unique, and consistently branded – Carin is your girl. I’d recommend her any day – we’re still using her!

Autumn Crosier Marketing Manager, Gensuite LLC May 3, 2016

Carin is of that rare breed of unstoppably tenacious programmers who will literally not sleep until the problem is solved. On top of her incredible work ethic, she is also one of the most pleasant and genuinely nice people I have ever met. Regardless of how tough the situation is, she works through it and smiles all along the way. You would be lucky to have her on your project!l

Brice Lucas Vice President, Technology, Powerhouse Factories July 30, 2015

Jeffrey L Jordan

Carin is one of the best in the industry for web design and implementation. I have worked with many designers over the years and Carin stands out as the best I’ve worked with in terms of reliability, relatibility, and communication. Her patience and understanding go beyond the normal client relationship. She is down to earth and brings a sense of calm to stressful situations. I would, and will, work with her again.

Jeffrey L. Jordan Holistic Health/Nutrition & Life Coach, Nourished Life Design August 27, 2014

Kara Scott

I would recommend Carin Rhoden to anyone seeking a talented web developer. She finds creative ways to solve design challenges, is prompt to respond to every request, and provides great work at a reasonable cost! Carin takes genuine pride in her work and it is evident that she has a passion for what she does.

Kara Scott Art Director, Redmark August 27, 2014

Nathan Grimes

Carin is wonderful to work with! She’s very easy to talk with and excellent at programming. The work I do often involves problem solving in website code and I’ve thrown some real curve balls her way. She’s always been able to come up with a solution with positive results. I highly recommend her.

Nathan Grimes Nathan Grimes Design August 27, 2014

Randy Phinney

After trying to find a programmer that was both capable of making the changes to my site as well as one that would follow-up in a professional and timely manner, I was finally lucky enough to be referred to Carin Rhoden by a friend. Carin was not only able to make the unique, custom changes to my site exactly as I wanted, but she completed them within the expected time frame that she told me it would take and below the original cost estimate that she quoted. Carin spent over an hour on the phone answering every question I had as well as providing me with some very useful tips that will save me both time and money in the future. If searching for a programmer make sure to consider that someone as proficient as Carin will be able to complete the same job, often with better results, in less time than a less experienced or skilled programmer… and time is money (when you’re paying by the hour). I would highly recommend Carin to anyone looking for help in creating or improving a website.

Randy Phinney Owner, Right Side of the Chart, LLC August 27, 2014

Conor Linberg

Carin is a very reliable and capable developer and my work has become easier knowing that I can hand Carin a project and not have to worry about it being done on time and well.

Conor Linberg Staff Software Engineer, Studio Technology, The Walt Disney Studios August 27, 2014

Zeinab Schwen

I highly recommend Carin for web design. We have been very satisfied by her added value, ideas, promptness, and knowledge. We used her for two different website designs and have been very pleased with the outcome.

Zeinab Schwen President, Strategica Regulatory Consulting August 27, 2014

Daniel Hoeweler

Carin Rhoden designed and created a website for me to help further my career as a writer. Prior to her expertise I had my works accepted in only a few minor publications, and was receiving only a small audience for my works. After her skillful artistry the interest in my works greatly increased and eventually I was able to land a job with my own column. Currently my readership is in excess of a thousand visitors a week, which I owe in large part to Carin’s brilliance and hard work. If you are reading this then I highly recommend Carin, as she has been an essential component to my success.

Daniel Hoeweler Author August 27, 2014

Deborah Macdonald

Carin is a highly knowledgeable web designer who produces excellent quality results in a timely fashion. She is adept at honing in on what the customer wants and delivers flawlessly. I would not hesitate to recommend Carin to anyone for web design services.

Deborah Macdonald Founder and President at Core Corporate Consulting and Napa At Home August 27, 2014

Frank Zemlan

Carin designed and built our company website. Carin was very responsive to our need to get our company website up and running rapidly. I’m very happy with the results.

Frank Zemlan CEO, P2D Bioscience August 27, 2014

Rick Schwen

Carin has designed two websites for us, and managed other IT and internet issues and services for the company (Strategic Regulatory Consulting). She is very knowledgable and current in online technologies, and made several great suggestions on initial design and improvements. She is very easy to work with, fast in response, very reachable, and provided the service for a great price. I would use Carin again in a flash!

Rick Schwen, PhD, DABT, RAC Board Member, Strategic Regulatory Consulting August 27, 2014

Carol Frankenstein

Carin developed web sites for BIOSTART client companies that effectively presented their business in a professional, visually interesting way. The web sites were built so that clients could be trained quickly to maintain the web site themselves. She was frequently complimented on her creative and effective work product.

Carol Frankenstein Director, Every Child Succeeds August 27, 2014

Kevin Wilson

I worked with Carin when she worked at BIOSTART, a former client. She was responsible for maintaining the organization’s website and online e-zine, I relied on Carin to make changes to the sites and to keep everything up and running. Carin is very responsive and focused on the details. If there is a problem, she is quick to find a solution, and if she doesn’t know the answer or how to do something, she is quick to learn. What impresses me the most about Carin, however, is that no matter when I call, you can literally hear the smile on the other end of the line. You can tell that she enjoys what she does.

Kevin Wilson Founder, Wilson PR August 27, 2014

Brian Clark

Carin built our company’s website. Her unflappable patience (in dealing with a very picky client !) and deep web skills quickly produced a pixel-perfect site. Highly recommended for all your website needs. I look forward to working with her again.

Brian Clark Founder, Constant Biotechnology July 12, 2015

Noha Ismail

Carin designed a website for me to promote my book. She did a superlative job, and being that I am not very familiar with website management, she worked patiently with me and answered all of my questions promptly. I found her to be reliable, highly competent, and generous with her time. I am more than satisfied with the quality of her work and follow up. I would highly recommend her to any one seeking a professional web designer and developer.

Noha Ismail Author August 27, 2014

Kyle Osborne

Carin created a website for one of my previous businesses. I, along with many others, was very impressed with the overall design, function, and ease of use that she created for me. Whenever a customer was interested in having my company do work for them, but wasn’t quite sold, all I had to do was refer them to the website and that usually sealed the deal. I would definitely hire Carin again.

Kyle Osborne Handyman Extraordinaire August 27, 2014